Maternity Session

I have been bad about posting images from all of my sessions, I'm going to try and be better and post them more often. It's def something I have to work on. 

This maternity shoot was so special for me, I have known mom for a very long time and to see her progression from teenager to married and pregnant. So happy for this young new family and the future they will have. I'm also blessed that Claudia chose me to document her session and also wanted to wait for the perfect time of day to get beautiful soft light. Makes a huge difference in the final images. I wish I had taken maternity photos when I was pregnant. What's great is I get to indulge my vision with all the glowing pregnant moms to be. 

Newborn lifestyle session

This was a first for me in a long while to photograph a baby that was older than 2 weeks old. Usually they are very alert and can't get into some of those scrunched poses that a fresh newborn can. Although he was a bit older he was still very cuddly and pliable and was super comfortable in that swaddled newborn pose. Look at this luscious beautiful baby boy with his silky curly hair and those lips. And if you spot his siblings they are gorgeous beauties as well, love the love they have for baby boy.

I just can't...

I just can't...